Shanghai Rolex Tennis Masters signed an official contract, recognizing Angelfish as their exclusive wine sponsor

Telford Wine & Spirits (Shanghai) Ltd. officially signed a contract with Shanghai Juss Event to extend their cooperation to 2016. As the owner of the Australian wine brand ‘Angelfish’, Telford Wine & Spirits (Shanghai) Ltd is glad to see Angelfish is being selected to be the only wine sponsor for Shanghai Rolex Tennis Masters from year 2014 to 2016.

Angelfish is one of the wonderful Australian wine brands which produce excellent wine by the top winemakers. Players, VIP customers, journalists can taste the quality Angelfish Wine in restaurants for players and in VIP area. Direction signs will be put in food court and central stadium corridors to guide you. Welcome all of you to come and taste the Angelfish wine!

Join us in 2014-2016 Shanghai Rolex Tennis Masters!

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